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Royal Agarbatti

Offered range of Royal Agarbattis is an important part of all Hindu rituals. During religious ceremonies, these incense sticks are lighted to carry away the unpleasant smells of the air. The sticks assist in making a clean setting for an auspicious custom by filling the air with a dulcet fragrance. The basic ingredient of these products is bamboo stick and sandalwood.

Premium 60gm Incense Stick Box

Offered Premium Incense Sticks release a fragrant smoke and work as organic disinfectants, which chase away insects. These have some psychological benefits as the aroma of these sticks has healing power, which soothes the mind and pacify it. The calming effect of Premium Agarbattis relaxes the mind and assists in performing rituals with finer concentration.

Sarva Shiva Agarbatti

Provided Sarva Shiva Agarbattis are used for worships & rituals and offer a fragrance that leads to calm mind so as to boost the meditation process. Applicative for religious and social occasions, offered best quality incense sticks come with a pacifying and mind-soothing aroma that can fill positivity and enhance the power of devotion.

Plain Incense Sticks

We offer Plain Incense Sticks, which can also be used as air fresheners. When these natural incenses are burnt, these make a wide range of positive physical as well as psychological effects. Offered products are incense free from harsh and harmful chemicals that often worsen and back up health problems, such as asthma and allergies.

Aromatic Incense Sticks

Offered Perfumed Agarbattis are free from unpleasant and harmful chemicals that can cause various health problems, such as asthma and allergic reactions. These release an aromatic smoke and work as organic bactericidal, which drive out insects and negative power. Provided Aromatic Incense Sticks have several psychological benefits as the fragrance of these sticks has a curative power that can soothe the mind and appease it.

We mainly export to Africa, South America, Brazil and Malaysia.